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Новости Ливийского Сопротивления 5.11.11

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Ливия - новые действия ячейки "Touyour Jarih" (4 ноября 2011 года)
Добавлено 04/11/2011 в 15:15
Источник: АЛЖИР ISP / Zengtena

... бойцы ячейки "Touyour Jarih" из освободительной армии повстанцев Ливии уничтожили три батальона «Rajbane" в школе.

После операции Touyour Jarih подняли флаги Ливии на зеленых автомобилях повстанцев (* под повстанцами здесь по-видимому имееюся ввиду бойцы зеленого сопротивления, потому что теперь они уже встали на защиту Ливии от мятежников и пронатовцев)

... вчера, бойцы ячейки "Touyour Jarih" убили полковника в повстанческой Pro Street ... и они оставили его тело на дороге.



ورفلي ناجي
Libya - Tajoura fell to the pro-Gaddafi

The collapse of the device Gaddafi is imminent, they said. No, he outdid they collapsed. But the surprise came yesterday Tajoura after Friday prayers. According to the testimony of several people of Tripoli, as Tajoura is located 14 km but is part of the district of Tripoli, violent clashes took place in the city, near the Mosque of Murad Agha.

Witnesses s…aid the brigades of Gaddafi took by surprise and overwhelmed the renegades of Benghazi by taking over the city. Qaddafi's forces were accused of committing a massacre in their flight in August, defeating more than 130 people in this suburb according to media "meanstream" Yesterday ... So, it is rather the same people who have helped to take over the city.

No media dare talk about it. The NATO planes to bomb no longer there, these brigades want to head for Tripoli. We will know a little more in the day. Apparently, therefore, the starting signal of the reconquest was, I think he was given by Seif al-Islam.




Clashes in Tripoli neighborhood of Al Andalus, between the ‘rebels’ of Tripoli and Zenten – Zengtena – In Tripoli, violent clashes between the rebels of Tripoli and those of Zenten, in the tourist area. Several cars of the citizens of Tripoli are burned after the exchange of fire with heavy weapons.



1:48 inspired by forming in Andalusia and the tourist market, and Friday and Gurgi and arrived to the yard #Tripoli #Libya
1:48 Clashes Green Square God suffices, and yes, the agent....... Mashae Hadi night stand Heca Atnathawwa Gargaresh #Tripoli #Libya


Вы здесь » За нашу Советскую Родину! » За Каддафи и его народ » Новости Ливийского Сопротивления 5.11.11