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Твиты (короткие новости) 29.10.11

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"Al zawija is, according to Italian workers who work at rafinery repair, under control of citizens. "We could see their anger to us so we had to come in Tripoli", said one of them. Rats couldn't protect even themselves not to speak about others. Europe is waiting long cold winter"
"Аль zawija , по мнению итальянских рабочих, которые работают в rafinery ремонт, находится под контролем граждан. "Мы могли видеть их гнев к нам, так что мы должны были прийти в Триполи", сказал один из них. Крысы не могут защитить даже самих себя, не говоря уже о других. Европу ждет долгая холодная зима..."



Rebel popularity disappearing fast in the East of Libya as NTC rebels fail as food shortages and salaries unpaid continue for months.

Misrata brigade declared it wants President and Prime minister position, but brigade infighting continues inside Misrata.

Green resistance captured convoy of rebels trying to enter Libya from Tunisia, they had fuel and weapon supplies.

South is Green, they don't control any parts of South. The NTC is mainly wherever there is port because of NATO support

Report Tripoli : heavy Fighting at Gargaresh and Gurji today over 50 rebels died near port area and Green resistance ambushed checkpoints.
Misrata brigade in Tripoli attacked the Belhaj brigade near Fashloum neighborhood Tripoli

Report Baniwalid : Green resistance continues fighting Misrata brigades at Wadi Dinar around 40 km outside BW.
Fighting at Baniwalid never stopped, but given most sources say fight moved to Wadi Dinar now.
Sources say Misrata brigade was passing Wadi Dinar and mostly likely heading to Misrata back when it got ambushed.

4 rebel pickup and 20 of Misrata brigade fighters were killed in a ambush near Zliten

NTC declared it will not rebuild pro-Gaddafi neighborhoods or cities.... and rebel commanders call for killing of all green-supporters.

I have not Heard of any agreement yet of Zintani and Green resistance. The tribe of Zintan made anti-NTC and NATO protests.

Dernah is Green, but Benghazi is more difficult, the rebels recaptured areas but many neighborhoods are pro-green.

Last days were in Zawya fightings during night today, there was fighting even during the day. I hope soon they will be free of rats.

The traitors ask NATO to deploy a base with 20 thousand soldiers: 12 thousand of them are Americans to fight the loyalists.

Jalil met with Benard Henry in Australia and he told him that #Gaddafi plan to redistribute wealth was crazy needed to be stopped.


Вы здесь » За нашу Советскую Родину! » За Каддафи и его народ » Твиты (короткие новости) 29.10.11